Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Zuhair Murad - Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2013/14

So I've finally had some time in my life to sit down and watch the Couture shows (come on people, shopping, eating and drinking copious amounts of alcohol is a very high priority in my uni holidays and takes out a significant portion of my time). I've narrowed down the amazingness of the Paris shows to just a few to blog about and I'm starting with Zuhair Murad's Haute Couture collection for Autumn/Winter 2013/14.

Murad's show consisted mainly of gowns in metallics such as silver and gold, bright cobalt blue, earthy greens and darker shades such as black and deep purples. The dresses were pure elegance and I loved his use of sequins and extremely intricate lace detailing. Murad combined both sequins and lace to create an almost ocean coral or vein like pattern over the bodies of his models with sheer mesh underneath, exposing just the right amount of flesh to be sexy yet still elegant. He maintained this balance so perfectly and that, to me, was the outstanding aspect of his collection. The gowns revealed hints of skin through this lace/sequin/mesh detailing, high thigh splits and plunging necklines yet remained romantic and sophisticated with the use of lace. My favourite examples of this are the black lace jumpsuit and final wedding gown which were showcased. Both have beautiful lace detailing which is used to cover the breasts but expose flesh on the arms, legs and, in the jumpsuit's case, pretty much the rest of the body. 

Zuhair Murad's designs are in fact a reflection of the perfect woman, the type of woman we as females should all strive to be - fierce, bold and confident, yet still lady-like and sophisticated. A goddess. And what purpose do couture shows serve other than to construct the fantasies of women? Murad's Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2013/14 constructed the perfect fantasy - and just look at that wedding gown! Need I say more?

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