Monday, 21 October 2013

Birthday Shennanigans

I turned nineteen last week and although this means I only have one year left of teenagedom (I'M NOT PREPARED TO BE AN ADULT) I still did have a wonderful time celebrating. I went out to dinner at the Torrens Arms Hotel at Mitcham with my lovely yet bonkers family which was nice as we don't all get together very often. The food was delicious but unforunatley the hotel lost a lot of points with me due to bad customer service. Why is it so hard for people to be nice? Good grief.
Anywho, I also went out for drunken antics with some of the best people I know and had such a fun night - you should all definitley be jealous of the fabulous friends I have. I was so blessed with beautiful presents as well! here's some of the things I received.

Let me tell you, I was like a hyperactive child on Christmas as I opened up that Marc Jacobs watch. Soooooo niceeeeeeeee. Sigh. I did attempt to have an outfit photo of what i wore to my birthday dinner, but alas, I left my camera in the not-so-trustworthy hands of my brother who cut half my legs off. Really? What else would I have meant by 'get my whole outfit in'? When I'm famous and have a personal photographer this definitley won't be a problem. This is what I wore out to celebrate with my friends.

Winter Bird Bra by Finders Keepers, pleather skirt by Saints & Secrets, shoes from Lipstik Shoes and assorted bangles stolen from Mum's jewellery box (shh)

Well, I now have one year left until I'm 20 and have to start getting my life together. Until then I can continue to spend all my pay on online shopping.
'Till next time,

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