Monday, 21 October 2013


Denim on denim. I know - a taboo fashion subject. Why? Because it can go so horribly wrong. If Britney Spears and JT in matching denim outfits (shudder) is the first thing that springs to mind when you hear the term 'double denim', don't fear - that used to be my viewpoint as well. When the trend first returned, I very quickly threw it in my 'not under any circumstance' style pile and hissed like a seething snake at anybody trying to work two denim items into a harmonised outfit. However, I have had my mind changed. I have discovered that double denim can be done right. It can look good - I promise.

See? Fabulous! Now I know you're scared. My advice? Things go awfully wrong as soon as you try to pair two denim items of the same shade, texture or style. If you're going to experiment, make sure you mix it up. try a dark acid wash shirt tucked in to a bleached denim circle skirt, with a bold belt to break things up. I decided to experiment myself, pairing distressed denim short shorts with an oversized, tailored denim shirt.

My dog Bailey is constantly trying to sneak into my outfit posts and cries when I try to make her get out of them, so there you go Bailey - your very own outfit photo. I'm wearing a thrifted shirt, shorts from Globalize, clutch by Tiff Manuel, shoes from Lipstik Shoes and watch by Marc by Marc Jacobs.

'Till next time,


  1. You've really pulled off double denim ;) Love all your outfit posts xx

    Style Story

  2. Thank you lovely! I love all of yours! xx