Friday, 3 January 2014

Adelaide's Talented New Designers

I know, I know. Long time, no see. What, October was when I last updated my blog? Really?! Seriously though, apologies. Life got pretty hectic toward the end of last year - uni suddenly wanted me to hand up sixty million assignments all at once (so THAT'S why they warned me to start in advance...), Christmas hurled itself at me from out of nowhere and I got the amazing opporunity to intern at South Australian Style Magazine. I assisted the stylist, dressed models, wheeled a huge rail around the city collecting stock (which I really do think improved my biceps) and so, so much more. It was one of the best things I did last year and I am so grateful for the experience. Have a suss of their website,, to look at the issue I helped out on - or, if you live in Adelaide, you can pick up a copy at selected stores in Rundle Mall and Rundle Street.

Moving on, toward the end of last year I attened the Tafe Graduates Parade and was blown away by the amount of talent I witnessed. I picked my three favourite collections and had some brief interviews with the designers: Caitlin Brownridge, Jemimah Webb and Nadia Braiotta. And trust me, its not just me that can see how talented they are - Jemimah Webb is now Junior Designer for none other than Cameo the Label. Here's a wrap up of what I chatted about with the three designers.

Ahhh. Such lovely, genuine girls who are such amazing designers. I just love Adelaide talent and I'm super excited to see what Jemimah brings to Cameo!

'Till next time (which I promise will not be so long),

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