Wednesday, 29 January 2014

'Visible' - Karen Walker

I love it when designers, celebrities or anybody well known uses their fame or popularity for a good cause. Love love love love love it! That's why I couldn't wipe the smile off my face when I opened March's Bazaar and read about Karen Walker's Spring 2014 campaign, which she has named Visible. The designer chose to have Kenyan artists design the pouches for her new eyewear range (and we all know how talented African artists are). She then took the campaign a step further by choosing to have the artists model the glasses and photographed by Derek Henderson. Not only is this collection one of my favourites from Karen Walker, but it is one of my favourite campaigns by a designer.

This is all a part of Karen Walker's collaboration with the Ethical Fashion Initiative, which helps connect African and Haitian artists with the fashion industry - something I think is long deserved. I would love to see more designers collaborate with such an inspiring organisation and make a difference in countries that need it. Walker stays humble though, stating that she is 'delighted that this season’s eyewear collection will be making a real and meaningful impact upon the people of this community'. The whole reason this collection is called 'Visible' is because it brings visibility to people who not only deserve it, but who we normally shut out of our everyday lives and thoughts. Ah, Karen Walker - such an amazing woman. Oh, and a talented designer - someone help me pick which of these sunglasses should go on my wishlist.

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Whilst we're chatting about great causes, I would be so grateful if you could take the time to sign this petition and help stop something I feel extremely passionate about - shark culling. Basically, in Western Australia, if a shark enters a certain 'zone' of the ocean, they are hunted and shot. Because you know, a shark can tell which 'zones' they're swimming in and definitley don't have right of passage seeing as we are in their environment. And you know, they're not already endangered or anything. This makes my blood boil because we live in a country with such beautiful animals, sharks included. They have a right to live in their own habitat without being killed due to unjustified human fear and selfishness. It won't be long before we've killed all of our majestic creatures and then think 'Oh. Whoops'. Please, sign the petition here. It will take five seconds and make a difference.

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