Thursday, 13 February 2014

Recent Purchases

Hola amigos!
So, I really don't have a lot to report on life right now. It's approaching my fourth month of holidays so I'm extremely chilled out - and broke from having far too much spare time to shop. I thought since I don't have anything else to blog about, I'd share my recent purchases with you. Drum roll please.

After spending months searching for the perfect boyfriend jeans, I finally bought these bad boys from Dotti. It took forever to find some that actually look good on my figure - because I'm pixie sized, most boyfriend jeans make me look stumpy and never fit around my non existent hips. But, voila! These are going to be my staple wardrobe item for the year, I can feel it in my bones. 

Now this shirt isn't my usual style, but I was drawn to it as soon as I walked into Sportsgirl. I loved the colours and the print so I tried it on - and the fit. is. amazing. It  crosses over at the front in a wrap style and is cut longer at the back, which I'm normally not a fan of (mullet dresses. AHHHH). I'll have to do an outfit post in it soon to show you guys how awesome it looks on! I feel very chic 80's when I wear it. That is, if there was such a thing as 'chic' in the 80's, which I highly doubt (no offence mum).

I got these awesome flatform sandals for $20 on sale from Sportsgirl. Yes, that's right, TWENTY DOLLARS. I don't think I've ever snatched up a pair of shoes so fast. I love these because they're super versatile and can go from day to night really easily. Their only down side is that they're not overly comfy - but beauty over comfort, right?

Yet another purchase from Sportsgirl. Does a Sportsgirl Shopaholic Rehabilitation Centre exist? Somebody please let me know and admit me ASAP. But to be fair, this neckace was on sale for $15 and as I have a weird obsession with jewellery that has coins on it I couldn't just walk past it.

Anybody that knows me knows about my Lovisa problem. About 90% of my jewellery is from Lovisa because they have such nice stuff and its good quality. That is, it doesn't break after one wear like jewellery from some stores. Not naming any names. (Diva). Also, Lovisa always have amazing sales. I got this bling queen necklace and a whole bunch of midi rings that were far too difficult to photograph for a total of $15! It would have been crazy not to buy it. That's what I'm telling myself, anyway.

Sportsgirl. Again. Don't judge. To be honest I've never been a huge fan of their lipsticks - but what can you expect for $9.95? I thought I'd try my luck with this pretty lilac colour. I'm having this problem where it only applies to the outer sections of my lips and wont stay on the inside bits of my lips? If that makes sense at all. It just looks like I have really fat lilac lip liner on. Does anybody know how I can get it to apply and stay properly on my lips? Do I need some sort of base or something? Please help me!

Anywho, these are going to be my last purchases for a while. Spending for me is becoming a very rare luxury thanks to education costing me my life earnings. Sigh. Well, we'll see how long I last. I may have to buy a skirt or something, you know, in case of an emergency.

'Till next time,


  1. Ah I love your purchases I actually dont blame you for shopping in sportgirl so much when everything is so amazing! And I so get what you mean by 80's chic have you heard of the show Carrie Diaries its soo something she'd wear I lovee! Omg right now im seriously on the hunt for a pair of sandals like that for the summer and omg style over comfort wins everyyday girlfriend aha! That stament necklace is just everythingg! I'm basically in love with your blog but I don't know homw You dont have the following box thing on dispaly so I can't sort this out asap cus I need to follow you aha when you do leave me a comment on my bog please aha xo gorge post doll!xo

    Check out my a day in the life post here xo

    1. I know right, Sportsgirl is the best! And yes I love The carrie Diaries, I feel like her when I wear that shirt! Aw thank you! I'm sorry this comment is so late, I never know how to be notified when someone leaves a comment on a post! As far as I know, to follow someone you have to enter their blog url into your reading list (there should be a button on it on your homepage that says add new blogs to reading list or something similar! Thank you, you are too sweet! xxx

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I love this outfit. I'm thinking about investing in a pair of boyfriend jeans myself because theres a 20% off sale on Dotti! What size did you buy these jeans in? I'm incredibly short and I'm normally a size 8. I'm worried they'll make me look stumpy too.

    1. Hey doll! How awesome is Dotti they always have sales! I'm normally a 6-8 but due to the fit of boyfriend jeans I got these in a 6. They're the only ones I found that suited my body type (pixie sized) so if you're short I recommend them! They don't make you look stumpy at all. If you're worried they will just wear them with tight fitting tops and high-ish shoes to elongate your bod. Hope that helps! xxx