Sunday, 16 March 2014

Farr Court Fashion Markets

Yesterday, some of my friends held a fashion market at their gorgeous place in the heart of Adelaide's CBD. Their cute little court yard was completley packed out with things to buy - there wasn't a nook or cranny that hadn't been filled with clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery and a whole lot else.

Let me tell you, trying to focus on taking photos rather than buying everything in sight with my sad, deprived bank account was a real struggle. I couldn't help but fall in love with that chunky pink neckace pictured above but, let's be honest, I don't NEED any more jewellery. (Although that will not stop me from wanting it. Maybe the necklace will come to me at another point in life).

My issue with a lot of fashion markets these days is the ridiculous pricing - too many girls get things from op-shops for less than $10, mark the price up to $65 and try to sell it at one of Adelaide's markets. Nice try ladies. I know those 'vintage shorts' are just from a Salvos rack. Settle down. People go to markets to find cheap hidden gems, not to spend the same amount they would shopping in a boutique. One of the best things about the Farr Court Fashion Markets is that prices were more than reasonable - some things as cheap as two or three dollars! And they wern't random old ladies' clothing from various op shops being labelled as 'vintage'. Brands ranged from Kookai, Cameo, Finders Keepers, Jeffrey Campbell and heaps more. Also, I can verify that those cupcakes did taste as good as they looked.

Here's me and some of the lovely ladies selling things yesterday. Don't ask me why I decided to make friends with models that should be in Pantene commercials, it just happened. Sigh. I'm wearing a cropped turtle neck jumper (which is the cosiest knit you'll ever wear) by Evil Twin, leather tube skirt from General Pants, necklace from Sportsgirl and trusty boots from my good friend Target.

If you're a fashion fiend who missed out on visiting yesterday because you were working, hungover or whatever else - never fear! I know some of the girls are planning to sell some of their things on Adelaide Facebook group 'Walk in Wardrobe' - simply click here to see the page. You'll have to join the group to see the clothes, but hey, there's nothing bad about that. As for another Farr Court Fashion Market? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

'Till next time,


  1. these markets look so great! they remind me of the suitcase rummage ones we have in brissie, they are great and so cheap!

    1. They were awesome! I've never been to Brissie but when I go one day I'll have to remember to suss the suitcase rummage markets, they sound amazing! I've also just fallen in love with your blog x

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  3. Oh lovely Photos , great
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