Saturday, 5 July 2014

Winter Style Inspiration

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - I am NOT a winter person. It's freezing, my feet are permanently numb, it gets dark halfway through the day, it's wet and miserable... no, no, no, no. I think I'm solar powered, meaning that halfway through winter (when it's been weeks since my skin's soaked up some glorious Vitamin D) I become sluggish and glum. Some mornings its so bad I even momentarily consider just going out in trackies. Any of my friends know that if I leave the house in trackies, something must be seriously wrong. I thought maybe some of you felt the same and, like me, needed a little bit of winter style inspiration to get you excited about getting dressed in the morning. Its about time that getting dressed went back to being my favourite part of the day. So, here are some of my favourite style icons year-round, but particularly for winter.

The Olsens

The Olsen sisters have been in my style icons for basically as long as I've been interested in fashion. They're the queens of layering and the creators of homeless chic - two things that are very dear to my heart of style. Mary-Kate and Ashley (and occasionally Elizabeth) are the dream queens of winter because they always manage to look so painfully cool and cosy as hell at the same time. I love playing with textures and so their seemingly never ending collection of furs makes me super happy. (Just to be clear I only ever buy faux. Don't talk to me about animal cruelty. I will cry.)

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie's style in general is very similar to my own. She loves to look chic and put together but always has this fun aura of bohemian gypsy about her - maybe its the flowing coats and lilac hair (which sadly I didn't get many pictures of here). She loves to play with patterns and graphics, especially her band tees, and I think I'll also always be a bit of a groupie at heart. Lets not forget her effortlessly cool statement coats and sunglasses - House of Harlow 1960, no doubt. 

Miroslava Duma

Any style icon list that does not include this woman does not even count as a style list. She never looks bad. She's super-human. I love Mira's style because she never takes it too seriously, which I think is so important. Fashion is no longer fun if you take it too seriously (which so many people do). She's always fun, with eclectic prints, graphics, textures and accessories. And SO colourful, which is why I think her style is awesome to channel in winter. Please stop wearing all black every single day in winter, people. The weather's depressing enough, we don't all need to look like we're going to a funeral.

Olivia Palermo

Again, do not trust any style icon list that does not include this woman as the writer is obviously mentally unstable. What we can gather from this collection of images is that I love furry things for winter. Who wouldn't?! They're warm and cool to pat. Olivia is always super chic but always balances her look so she's not over done - think a suit with laid back flats or a luxurious maxi with a grungy sweater or fur. I especially love her pairing of a girly maxi skirt with a turtle neck... keep an eye on outfit posts as I will definitely be stealing that idea. Thanks, Olivia. 

I hope this little list has inflated your excitement levels regarding leaving your deliciously warm bed to get dressed on these awful winter mornings. Unless you're overseas and enjoying summer - in which case, screw you. My albino skin and cold hands hate you.

'Till next time,
Kate x

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