Saturday, 2 August 2014

Lady in Red

So, first up, sorry for disappearing from the Internet for a while. Uni went back on Monday and I figured I should probably attend my classes - its the first week, after all (uni tutors, if you're for some reason reading this, that's a joke. I love learning!!!!).

Secondly, I fear this is going to be a rather snooze worthy post. I don't have anything interesting to talk about, I just REALLY wanted to show you guys this fantastic skirt I bought yesterday for $4.95. Yes, you read correctly. $4.95. Less than five dollars. I present to you: the wonderful (if rather impractical) newest addition to my skirt family.

I seem to be breaking a lot of my self imposed style rules lately - such as never wearing red. I just don't do red. I also have this weird OCD thing where I HATE red and black worn together. Don't ask, I just hate it. However, here I am dressed in a blindingly red plastic skirt paired with red accessories. Why not, right? I've also been wearing the hell out of pigtails and braids this week as I am trying to believe I am in fact ten years old and not undertaking tertiary education. Braids > sociology readings.

I'm wearing a thrifted skivvy (aka my winter uniform), PVC skirt from a Valleygirl outlet, vest from Ninie, boots from Wittner, sunnies from Sportsgirl and necklace from Diva.

'Till next time,
Kate x