Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Senorita, I Feel For You

Brace yourselves girls and boys - I am about to enlighten you with information that will change your life. We all know how much of an op shop fiend I am. Exhibit A: dragging my boy toy through rain and wind on a sub-antarctic day just to go to Vinnies. I did score two jumpers for $8 that time so clearly it was worth it. Boy toy if you are reading this: sorry. I bought you breakfast so I think we're even.

Anyway, I have my holy grail of op shops and that is House of Serendipity at Glenelg. House of Serendipity is love, House of Serendipity if life. Well, I don't mean to over excite anyone, but I think I've found another op shop on the same level of fantastic-ness. I know. Breathe. It's called SWOP clothing exchange and it's on Hindley Street in the city. Because they're a clothing exchange (and not technically an 'op shop' but you know, tom-ay-to tom-ah-to) they only accept good quality clothing items. It also means you can give them some of your old stuff and make a profit. Obviously it has to be in good condition, in season and fitting with their style.

I wandered into their basement store last week, hand clutching the stair rail for dear life as I tried to navigate stairs in thigh highs. I didn't die, so I think I did well. I bought a white shirt, wide leg pants and this dress all for $60ish. Best. Day. Ever. I wore the dress out the following night and felt like a Spanish senorita. (Spoiler: I was actually just a white girl in a thrifted dress drinking wine at Casablabla. Close enough, right?)

Again, sorry for rank quality photos. I will be re-equipped with my camera soon and not using my phone in dodgy lighting for photos - I'll keep that for nights out.

I'm wearing a thrifted dress from SWOP, leather jacket from Portmans and heels by Spurr Shoes. Don't forget to stalk me regularly on Instagram @katesspaceblog

'Till next time,
Kate x

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  1. Hi! I'm new to Adelaide and I've heard a lot about op shops. Haven't tried visiting one yet but I'll check out your recommendations!