Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Thigh High Glory

It hasn't been that long since I posted my winter style post (suss here) and I've already bought more than half of the items that were on my wishlist. Not the exact ones, obviously. I'm a uni student, I don't have a casual couple of grand spare for pants. Or anything. Ever. Never mind though, as I nabbed cheaper versions that are just as fab - such as these thigh high boots I bought and have worn religiously ever since.

(Note: soz for bad pic quality in these posts. I am currently camera-less as my wonderful friends at The Adelaidian borrow it. Go check out their blog pronto. I'm sure you don't mind my photo quality levels - if anything it blurs my face into poreless beauty.)

No only are they toasty warm but they also have a suitable heel height. This pleases me as I can trot around in them all day without feeling the need to pop into Bunnings to purchase a chainsaw and amputate my feet. Plus, for under $100 I could add them to my boot collection without crying and living on tuna until pay day. Hooray! 

I'm wearing an off-the-shoulder dress from Cotton On (which I bought for TEN DOLLARS), thigh highs by Therapy Shoes, hat from Bardot, necklace from Portmans and watch by Marc by Marc Jacobs (by Marc by by Marc Jacobs by Marc by by ENOUGH). 

'Till next time,
Kate x

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