Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Winter Hues

Its halfway through April, mid break is officially upon us students and I am ready to do my winter shopping. And by ready I mean READY. Prepare yourself bank account - I'm sorry. Yes, I do realise I already own enough clothes to re-sink the Titanic (too soon? It was over a century ago I dunno guys) but winter-wise I am seriously lacking. You know, the classic 'I've had these jumpers for under a year and they've already gone ball-y and scraggly'? Yeah, that.

I thought I'd share with you guys what sort of style I'm channeling for the colder months this year. It also means when I go shopping I can refer to this post to remind myself what I'm looking for and not get distracted and buy 467842864368832 things I don't need (file under: life story).



thessy_saboskirt Instagram


J Crew Fall 2015 Collection









thessy_sabskirt Instagram



Zoe Kravitz


Think wide leg trousers, hats to cover what will otherwise be my rain soaked mullet, neutral shades, camel everything and turtleneck jumpers the equivalent to walking around in a blanket. I am so ready to be a stylish ball of warmth with a hat on. I actually could have included every image on the internet of J Crew's Fall 2015 collection because it was so perfect. However, as I am a wonderful person that loves my readers I thought I'd save you time and just include a short video of the show. Voila. Spring tears of joy, friends. Fast forward to around the one minute mark to see the women's looks, or just watch the whole thing and enjoy the beautiful, beautiful men. Mmmmm. 

Here's my little wishlist of must haves for the season. I know for sure I'm going to be spending a whole lot of time in Witchery, Country Road and Forcast. Lets also not forget the beauty of the leathers and knits at Portmans (just pluggin' my work here, come on). 

1) H&M leather jacket $270, 2) Miu Miu sunglasses $515, 3) Mango.com camel vest $77, 4) Net-a-porter nude culottes $2015 (affordable, right?), 5) Chicwish.com grey turtleneck $71, 6) Farfetch.com wide leg pants $290, 7) Sportsgirl fringe leather skirt $120, 8) Modcloth ballet flats $46, 9) Nelly.com thigh high boots $105, 10) Topshop hat $54

For more winter outfit inspo, I've started a board on Pinterest! Take a peek here.
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