Monday, 15 June 2015

Bling Queen

Another little outfit post to make up for my lack of activity! And also because I have been DYING to show off this necklace I got from Bauhaus. I love any type of jewellery (or just anything at all) that's enormous, colourful, extravagant, handmade and envelops you in an Indian/Moroccan/Somewhere-with-a-million-markets aura. This ticks all those boxes AND was on sale. Sometimes I even outdo my own expectations of my shopping luck.

Let's all take a moment to appreciate the work of my sister snapping these photos without being scared away by the annoying stares of onlookers (PA to the people of Adelaide: please don't stop and watch me take blog pics, it's weird and creepy). She's never taken photos for my blog using my camera before and I think she handled the whole process very well, unlike my mum - I tried to get her to take photos of me once and she picked up my camera by the lens. Cue picture of Leonardo DiCaprio internally screaming. 

I'm wearing a jumper by Evil Twin (which I have worn in a million outfit posts but I think we all need to accept ourselves as outfit repeaters), cheap and comfy as hell pants from Cotton On, boots from Wittner and THAT necklace from Bauhaus.

'Till next time,
Kate x

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