Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Exploring SA: Clare Valley

Long weekends are the best and I think EVERY weekend should be a long weekend. I think it would make everybody more productive throughout the rest of the week. Seriously. Don't worry retail and hospo workers scoffing at the idea of any weekend let alone a long weekend - I am one of you. I am a part of this cult and I really do love it, I swear. However, everyone needs a little break from time to time and my turn came around over the labor day long weekend. I took five full days off to spend in the most beautiful weather at the most beautiful place - Clare Valley. The world's cutest cottage in Auburn, to be exact, around 20km from Clare. If you haven't been to Clare before, it is basically 46374327843447353 wineries surrounded by picturesque views, aka my kinda place. I went horse riding and got atrociously sunburnt (sorry mum), drank every Riesling under the sun, consumed only cheese and napped once a day. Fabulous. Here are some photos from my trip. Thanks to my boyfriend for dealing with my constant barrage of 'Can you please take an outfit photo for me? No, portrait. PORTRAIT. GET MY SHOES IN. MY SHOES!!!!!' and also 'Don't eat that yet I'm taking a photo!!!'

Annie's Lane Cellar Door & Winery is just as cute as it sounds and was my favourite place from the trip. It was surrounded by gardens and vineyards as far as the eye could see and they appeared to be dog friendly - I spotted two adorable canines having a picnic with their humans in the sunshine. There were gallery and museum-type rooms for us to wander through, friendly staff and good coffee. A+.

I think Pikes Wines had the nicest wine (how many times can you say wine in a sentence) but that could have been because it was toward the end of the day and I was a few too many glasses down. I was super glad we stopped there because they happened to have an event on called Clare with Fresh Eyre. It was a measly $5 entry to go in, taste wine and enjoy food from around the Eyre Peninsula whilst musicians lulled us into relaxation. It was fabulous considering we nearly paid a whole $12 to check out a children's maze in a town called Mintaro - no thanks. $5 well spent.

The boy enjoyed Knappstein brewery as he was on a hunt to find some beer for the grand final (apparently there's some sort of ball sport that's really important in my country on that weekend or something????? Weird). I'm not a beer gal so I was happy to wander around and take photos of their beautiful lead light work. Note to future girly girl visitors: turns out they do wine tastings, too.

I'm wearing a whole bunch of stuff from a whole bunch of different places that I won't bother listing - if anything takes your fancy, just ask me where I got it from in the comments section. I'm happy to send you shopping. Pro tip: if you don't feel like being stared at, don't wear a sheer vintage maxi dress with just hot pants underneath. Sorry that I'm fabulous xxxx

'Till next time,
Kate x

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