Monday, 26 September 2016

Fashion Week Faves

I know I'm a little late to the party (working full time, trying to maintain me time, relationship time, family time and friendship time got me late to EVERY party... HOW DO PEOPLE DO THIS) but I thought I'd share my favourites thus far from NYFW.

I feel like if you've read any of my fashion week posts before, you'll know I have a strict favourites list of designers that rarely changes and therefore my 'Best Of' roundup is always the same... but, hey. At least I'm loyal. Drum roll please:


When you're an Aussie gal you just have to include Aussie sweetheart Zimmermann - and with that perfectly effortless, beach-side femininity, they really just make it way too easy. One of my favourite things about Zimmermann is how designer Nicky stays so true to herself with every collection, without them becoming boring or repetitive. There's always a DIY, 'oh this? I found it at an op-shop and altered it myself' vibe to every piece of clothing she designs. This collection is breezy, romantic and oh-so-effortless Aussie chic. Not to mention THOSE BOOTS. I am feeling this sexy-boho-pirate vibe, and I'm feeling it hard.


I know 2010 is over, but part of me still wants to be Blair Waldorf - and Delpozo SS17 gives me exactly this. Classic and classy with pops of modern eclecticism, every ensemble in this collection looks like it belongs on the set of Gossip Girl and I will not apologise for loving that. The shapes and full skirts almost give off an Oscar de la Renta vibe. These are outfits I want to sit on fountains and blow bubbles in, which, funnily enough, are my exact plans for Spring - once Spring weather finally actually hits. 

Another thing? THOSE EARRINGS. Earrings are making a comeback people - they are everywhere and I am obsessed. Like everything, the bigger the better. Not sure if I could rock earrings as big as the bad boys in this show, but I'm willing to try. Go hard or go home.


Ohhhhh Dolce. Dolce forever, honestly. I will include Dolce & Gabbana in every favourite collection post I do until the day I die. They will be my favourite fashion house forever and ever. Why? Because D&G is probably the closest to my personal style - vintage vibing, royalty worthy, Italiano, OTT, (dare I say occasionally low key tacky) FABULOUSNESS. Give me a D&G runway tiara and I promise I will wear it every single day. 

Where do I start? From the signature earrings and headwear, ruffles, sexy sheer lace and poppin' red lips, this collection is my dream wardrobe capsule. It makes me think of drinking sangria, riding on the back of a vespa, shopping in Rome and sun baking in a field of sunflowers. That first polka dot dress ensemble is basically what my dreams are made of and those lace booties are giving me LIFE - not to mention the literal cocktail dress. Very punny.


Marchesa is another one of my absolute favourites, probably because deep inside I am still a six-year-old who dreams of being a Disney Princess. Its rare to see a show so amazing that you gasp at pieces and get goosebumps - yet Marchesa does this to me time and time again. Is it any wonder? Look at that first dress!

 The pastel colour scheme of the first half of the show looked like the sky at sunset after a perfect day, or like a rainbow draping itself across the most ominous of clouds. This is  show that you have to actually watch - pictures just don't do the glistening of those colours and fabrics justice. Every single piece is absolutely incredible and the detail is just amazing. Occasionally from afar you think 'oh, here's a more understated, simple piece'. Then it gets closer and you notice the horses on it sewn from crystals, or the model turns and SURPRISE, a fabulous 3D, organza feathered cape.

I just love how Marchesa calls these 'ready to wear shows'. It really fits with my aesthetic of wearing heels to Woolies. I'm all about that.

That's it for now, lovers! Agree with me? Disagree with me? Let me know in the comments. I will respectfully read your opinion, even if you are wrong. All photos in this post are from

'Till next time,
Kate x

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